Our planet

our planet

WLG cares as much about your personal well-being as it does about the welfare of the environment. By taking care of both passionately, we believe we can pave the way to a more sustainable world.

Thinking of the environmental footprint we leave behind on this planet day after day, we keep on searching for environmentally friendly practices and are working hard on improving packaging and materials being used, so that they have a minimal impact on our habitats.


Our mission has always been to contribute to a better and cleaner world. We have been working to promote these protective practices for more than 30 years already, to be able to conserve and properly ensure that we limit the impact on Mother Earth.

All this work to preserve is to make it possible that all of us, including future generations, can continue to enjoy the stunning beauty of our precious planet.

In a nutshell, WLG is about comfort and beauty, a combination of inner and outer well-being. This also applies to all of our products and packaging, since all our sustainable packaging and recipes are safe and eco friendly.