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"Rebalancing the Yin and Yang"

Guasha Massage is a hip skincare. Why not apply a good massage to you?

Still, the technique behind it is quite complicated. Before you scrape, it may be nice to know anything about this Chinese detox method.

The word Gua Sha consists of two parts, namely gua, scraping and sha, which means sand or grains of sand. A guasha treatment is thus the scraping of grains of sand. Metaphorically, then, huh.

Sha stands for pinned or accumulated qi or chi, which means life energy. Freely moving qi is, according to Chinese Medicine, the basis of a healthy and cheerful life. The gua sha technique is therefore intended to loosen stagnant energy, so that everything in your body runs smoothly again.

Gua Sha Massage is intended for this

Massage with guasha stones tries to promote a better flow of blood and energy. As a result, complaints and whether disease could be remedied or prevented. You could also deal with all kinds of discomforts in both physical, mental, spiritual and emotional areas. The gua sha technique is generally intended to;

* Reduce blood flow

* Free waste

* Organs and immune system support

* Pain to soften

* Balance emotions

* Vitality to increase

This may be the result of Gua Sha Massage

The goal of guasha is to bring movement back into your energy system. A massage can therefore have an effect on different levels. One feels physical relief or relaxation, when emotions come up with another. A common experience is also more energy or a positive change in chronic complaints. Also, it can just be very nice to receive a massage with a lot of pressure. So are you curious about gua sha? Then you will have to experience it as always yourself

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