Become a retail partner

Become a retail partner

WLG has great products crafted with passion and quality. Besides this, we also have an exciting eco-friendly story to tell. It’s a winning combination that will surely capture the heart of many European consumers, and will keep them loyal to you as a potential retailer.

We’d love to get our supreme wellness and beauty products into the hands of as many people as possible! For that purpose we really do need your help, and by doing this WLG will provide you the opportunity to make more income through the sales of our exclusive products.

We are looking forward to work with you, so if you are interested in becoming a retail partner and to purchase our products at wholesale prices, then let’s connect. We appreciate you contacting WLG. One of our representatives will get back in touch with you soon!


Please fill out the form to request a wholesale account.

Purchases will be made via our website. If approved you will be given login account number and you will receive our product at our wholesale prices.